The Band

SOLO is out of the Brainerd/Baxter area in Minnesota and made up of 3 young members: Carter, Danny, and Jayce.


Carter | Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals
Carter always liked the idea of living the dream. Playing in a band with his best friends, getting girls, gaining fame, and jamming out all night. When his friend Danny asked him to join his band, he agreed on the spot. Carter began shredding the bass in mid-2012, and made his way to lead vocals for about half the songs by Spring 2013, and gradually took over almost every song. Carter is highly influenced by both classic rock and 80’s hair and metal, but can jam out to anything with a sweet beat.


Danny | Guitar, Backup Vocals
Born to play! Born to entertain! Danny first played in the 3rd grade talent show with his sweet version of ‘Smoke On The Water’ (3 chords) and never turned back. He formed his first band at the age of 9. He then transitioned (and still plays) in his local church band, school band, and jazz band. His musical talents are seen during performances by the band that will keep you smiling throughout the night. You can either find him playing his guitar or hitting the golf course in the beautiful Brainerd area.


Jayce | Drums
Primarily self-taught, Jayce has been in love with the drums since he was 2. His talent to quickly pick up a rhythm and run with it comes through in his easily-adaptable approach to playing any type of music. He grew up exposed to live music, chalking up his first crowd-surfing success at age 8. When he’s not keeping the beat with the band, he’s active in most every sport all year round.